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HRCS   (Hatch New Mexico Chile Seeds) - Available in Medium or X-Hot
HGCS   (Hatch New Mexico Green Chile Seeds) -Available in Mild, Medium or Hot
MASR-   -New Mexico Sandia Chile Ristra - Edible (Approx. 2 Feet)--FREE SHIPPING
CHDI   10 Premium Charcoal Disks
MOHO   100% Pure Raw Honey from Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM
COOK   A Collection Of New Mexico Christmas Recipes
CTBA   Ancho Chile Powder
NBAP   Ancho Pods--Whole Dried (Poblano Chile)
BUAN   Anise
BXCS   Barker's X-Hot NuMex Chile Seeds
BEPO   Bee Pollen from Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, NM
BJSP   Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chile) Seeds
WOBI   Biscochitos (20 0z tub) - The State Cookie of NM
CTBB   Bizcochito Bread (Biscochito)
BBSO   Black Bean Chicken Soup Mix - Santa Fe Seasons
BCAT   Blue Corn Atole - Chimayo Traditions
SWHP   Blue Corn Cornbread With Pinon
14124   Blue Corn Popcorn Kernals
LCPW   Blue Corn Waffle & Pancake Mix
LCPS   Blue or White Corn Posole--Los Chileros Gourmet
BRSP   Bolivian Rainbow Chile Seeds
CHILI   Bowl O'Red Chili (Cibolo Junction) Available in Mild or Hot
SGWW   Braided Sweet Grass - 14" Braid--$6.79
BPEO   Brightly Painted Etchware Navajo Pottery Ornaments
BUGS   Bueno Flame Roasted Green Chile Salsa--Medium Heat Level
BABS   Bueno Sopaipilla Mix
babs6   Bueno Sopaipilla Mix 6 Pack
BUPO   Bulk NM Red Chile Pods from Hatch & the Mesilla Valley - Machine Dried, Available in Mild or Hot
MIPO-   Bulk Sun Dried NM Red Chile Pods from Hatch & the Mesilla Valley Available in Mild, Medium, Hot or X-Hot
CJSB   CaJohns Trinidad Moruga Scorpion BBQ Sauce
CJSS   CaJohns Trinidad Scorpion Salsa
REPO   Carolina Reaper Whole Dried Pods
CRSP   Carolina Reaper Chile Seeds--Non GMO
MPCR   Carolina Reaper Chili Sriracha Powder
CRGK   Carolina Reaper Pepper Grow Kit
PASA   Chile Pasado - Fire Roasted, Sun Dried Hatch Chile--Hot Red, X-Hot Red or Hot Green Harvest Blend
CPCC   Chile Pepper Cookie Cutter
CPLC   Chile Pepper Light Covers-Available in Red, Green or Christmas
CPLS   Chile Pepper Light Set: 35 Red Chili Lights Available in Red or Christmas (Red and Green)
CPWP   Chile Pequin Whole
HCDEW   Chile Pequin Wreath - Edible--Free Shipping
CCC1   Chili con Queso Dip MIx
SALT   Chili Salt (Available in Red or Green Chile)
CCMP   Chimayo Blend Chile Powder - Mild
SFCS   Chimayo Red Salsa - Santa Fe Seasons
CCCP   Chimayo Traditions - Chipotle Powder - 3oz.
2000-11   Chipotle Chile Dip
CJCP   Chipotle Chile Puree
HCCD   Chipotle Dip & Seasoning Mix
CPHS   Chipotle Hot Sauce
CHCP   Chipotle Pods--Whole Dried
CJSP   Chocolate Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chile) Seeds
ACCC   Chocolate Chile Bars from Amour Chocolate
CHSP   Chocolate Habanero Seeds
BCCJ   Chokecherry Jelly
BCCH   Chokecherry Whipped Wildflower Honey
XJSF   Christmas Chile Jelly - Santa Fe Seasons
LCCS   Christmas Salsa Mix
BUCO   Comino - (Pure Ground Cumin)
LCCH   Concha Shaped Mexican Corn Husks for Tamales
LVCH   Corn Chicos
CFGC   Crushed Green Chile - Hatch, New Mexico (Medium-Hot)
NOBRGC   Crushed New Mexico Green Chile (Flakes) - Medium/hot heat level
NOBRCC   Crushed New Mexico Mild or Hot Red Chile (Flakes-Caribe)
NOBCRP   Crushed Pequin (New Mexico Red Piquin Chile Flakes)
CFHC-   Crushed Red Chile Caribe (Hot) Sun Dried, Hatch, New Mexico
CCC   Cryptic Crunch - Dark Chocolate Coffee Crunch
1756   Da Bomb Ghost Pepper Nuts
CILA   Dehydrated Cilantro
DBSF   DESERT BLEND (formerly Holy Trinity) Grill Rub and Seasoning
01008   Desert Gardens Hearty Salsa Mix
PEPP   Desert Gardens Spicy Garlic Pepper Seasoning
DSPI   Desert Sage & Pinon Smudge Stick - 8" Stick
DSSS   Desert Sage Smudge Stick - 4" or 8" Stick
DTSP   Devils Tongue Hot Chile Seeds
LCDT   Dip Trio Gift Pack
1088   Dried Ghost Chile Pods (Bhut Jolokia)-Available in 1/2 oz or 1 oz bags
MPMS   Dried Scorpion Peppers - Whole Dried Pods
RGCS   EL RANCHO DE LOS GARCIA'S CHILE SAUCE - Available in Red or Green Chile
ERGS   El Rancho De Los Garcia's Salsa (Available in Mild, Medium & Hot)
ENCH   Enchilada Sauce Mix with Red Chile
ETOR   Etchware Navajo Pottery Ornaments
CIPO   Feast Day Posole Indian Stew
HDRS   FERVOR: Reaper Chile Hot Sauce
DGFM   Fiesta Dip & Salsa Mix
SFSS   Fire Roasted Green Chile Salsa--Santa Fe Seasons
FRGI   Free Gift with Any Purchase
LUFRLOC   Fresh NM Green Chile (AZ, CO, TX, NM & UT ONLY)
LUFR   Fresh NM Green Chile - Pre-Order 2018 Crop
LUFRRD   Fresh NM Red Chile Pre-Orders (Ships In Aug-Sept)
YGFC   Frozen Roasted Diced Green Chile (1 LB PACKS) Available in Mild, Medium, Hot or Variety Pack. From Hatch NM & The Mesilla Valley- Free Shipping
HSGO   Ghost Fusion Oil
GPGK   Ghost Pepper Grow Kit
1987   Ghost Pepper Jolokia Sauce
GFBO   Gift Box
LMGP   Grandpa & Me - Milk Chocolate, Pinon and Butterscotch Bar
COLO-   Green Chile Chicken Soup--Santa Fe Seasons - Formerly known as Comida Loca
2000-9   Green Chile Dip Mix
GCAD   Green Chile Fiesta Marinade - Carne Adovada
GCHS   Green Chile Hot Sauce
GJSF   Green Chile Jelly - Santa Fe Seasons
GCLI   Green Chile Lime Seasoning
GCPI   Green Chile Pineapple Preserves
CFHG   Green Chile Powder - Hatch, New Mexico
BOSS1   Green Chile Salsa - The Bossy Gourmet (Mild to Medium Heat level)
13   Green Chile Salsa Mix - Available in Mild or Medium Hot
CIGC   Green Chile Stew Mix
GCST   Green Chile Stew with Tortilla Mix
SAVE   Green Chile Verde Salsa-Santa Fe Ole
DGGD   Guacamole Dip Mix
GUAJ   Guajillo Chile Seeds
GLCH   Hand Blown Glass Chile Pepper Ornament
HCDPR   Hatch Chile Pequin Ristra - Decorative (Approx. 1 Foot) - Free shipping
HCDPW-   Hatch Chile Pequin Wreath - Preserved (Decorative Only) Free Shipping
HCDSR   Hatch Chile Sandia Ristra - Decorative SHIPPING INCLUDED--Available in two feet
CP16-   Hatch Diced Green Chile, Frozen & Diced (Choose 10, 15, 25, or 35 lb) + Free Shipping 5 lb bags. Available in Hot, Mild, Variety Pack (Mix of Mild & Hot), X-Hot and XXX-Hot
HCSA   Hatch Green Chile Salsa
SFSC   Hatch NM Roasted Green Chile - All Natural - Available in Medium or Hot Heat Level
GAll   Hatch NM Roasted Green Chile - 1 Gallon Food Service/Family Size- All Natural - Free Shipping
HCCP   Hatch Select NM Sun Dried Red Chile Pods Available in NM 6-4 (Mild), Medium (Big Jim), Sandia (Hot) or Lumbre (X-Hot)
CPWH   Hatch Whole Frozen Hot Green Chile, 25 lb box, available with or without stem. Shipping included in price.
cp16fre   Have us remove most skin
CP16FRc   Have us remove stems
cp16frf   Have us remove stems and most skin
HDSS   Heartbreaking Dawn's 1498 Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce
HDGS   Heartbreaking Dawn's 1841 Pear/Apple Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce
HDGV   Heartbreaking Dawns - The Green - Verde Hot Sauce
AMBS   Heirloom Anaheim Mild New Mexico Chile Seeds
HCSP   Heirloom Chimayo Chile Seeds
HPSP   Heirloom Poblano Chile Seeds (Ancho)
THSP   Heirloom Thai Hot Pepper (Birdseye) Chile Seeds
SOWI   High Desert Wildflower Honey
HCCS   Holy Chipotle Culinary Sauce
SFBQ   Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce
SOHA   Honey Infused with Hatch Red Chile
HBWW   House Blessings
CJIB   Indian Blue Cornbread (with Jalapeno and a Hint of Lime)
BPHO   Indian Paint Horse Ornament
DGJC   Jalapeno Cilantro Dip Mix
CIJO   Jalapeno Orange Marmalade
JPBS   Joe E Parker New Mexico Chile Seeds
9130JR   Jolokia Rub 10 (Ghost Chile)
930JS   Jolokia spice 10 (Ghost Chile)
JIFSP   Jwala Indian Finger Hot Pepper Chile Seeds
KATC   Kachina Doll Head Ornaments
LECB   Leslie's New Mexico Chile Brittle (Red or Green Chile or Jalapeno)
XMRI-   Lighted Chile Ristra - Available in Red or Christmas (Red and Green)
LNMCSP   Lumbre Extra Hot New Mexico Chile Seeds
MPMI   Margarita Pie Mix
NBMS   Mole Sauce -,North Of The Border
NOMPC   Montezuma Chipotle Seasoning
MLMC   Moonlight Madness- Dark Chocolate Red Chile Bar
SPGK   Moruga Scorpion Pepper Grow Kit
DC3I   Native American Dream Catcher
FPOR   Navajo Folk Art Flying Pig Ornament
DRUM   Navajo Mini Drum Ornament
SAND   Navajo Sand Painted Ornament
AFPB   Ness Farms of Estancia NM Pinto Beans
DGNS   New Mexican Spice Rub
CFEPR   New Mexico Chile Pequin Ristra - Edible - Avail in 12" or 18" Free Shipping
HCTPR   New Mexico Chile Pequin Ristra - Edible - Small
FRSE   New Mexico Chile Seeds
SSCJ   New Mexico Crushed Jalapeno (Flakes) Available in 8 or 16 oz.
NOBGCP   New Mexico Green Chile Powder - Medium heat level
GCGP   New Mexico Pistachios: Green Chile & Garlic, Red Chile or Roasted & Salted
NOBRCP   New Mexico Red Chile Powder
16095-12   New Mexico Roasted Red Chile
CJSA   New Mexico Salsa (Cibolo Junction) - Available in Medium or Hot
MAS1   New Mexico Sandia Chile Ristra - Edible (Approx.12")--Free Shipping
MASs   New Mexico Sandia Chile Ristra - Edible (Approx.18")--Free Shipping
CPNM   NM Red Chile Pods from Hatch & the Mesilla Valley - Available in Mild or Hot - 2 lb
NMSF   NM State Flag - 3' x 5'
S64S   NuMex Heritage 6-4 Chile Seeds
SSBJ   NuMex Heritage Big Jim New Mexico Chile Seeds
NMJSP   NuMex Jalmundo Seeds (Jumbo Jalapeno)
NMSP   NuMex Lemon Spice Jalapeno
OFFER   Offerings--High Desert Smudge Assortment
GRING   Ol’ Gringo “New Mexico” Salsa
LCOP   Organic Hatch New Mexico Whole Red Mild Chile Pods
OPLC   Organic Hatch, NM Red Chile Powder
MPSD   Original Sriracha Powder
NOBPC   PC Willy's Green Chile Seasoning and Rub
PIPI   Peri Peri Peppers - Whole Dried Pods
PHSP   Peruvian White Lightning Habanero Chile Seeds
PRWW   Piñon Resin Incense
85000-2   Posole Seasoning
CP16FRFR-   Pre-order Whole Hatch Chile, Fresh picked, Fire Roasted and Frozen
CACJ   Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly - Santa Fe Seasons
CRRE   Pure Crushed Carolina Reaper Chili Flakes- Hottest Pepper in the World! (Available in .5 oz shaker or 2 oz bag)
NBCF   Pure Crushed Chipotle (Flaked)
1622F   Pure Crushed Ghost Chili Flakes- Available in .5 oz shaker or 2 oz bag (2 oz bags are smoked)
MSCT   Pure Crushed Moruga Scorpion Chili Flakes Available in .5 oz shaker or 2 oz bag
NBCJ   Pure Crushed New Mexico Jalapeno (Flaked)
SCFB   Pure Crushed Trinidad Scorpion Chili Flakes - Available in .5 oz shaker or 2 oz bags
Reap-   Pure Ground Carolina Reaper Chili Powder or Flakes - Hottest Pepper in the World! (Available in .5 oz or 2 oz bag)
1622P   Pure Ground Ghost Chili Powder- Available in .5 oz shaker or 2 oz bag (2 oz bags are smoked)
NBHP   Pure Ground Habanero Powder

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